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Chaturbate ‘Adult Social Network’ Update
I posted about Chaturbate a while back wondering how well it worked and if it really was an adult social network or just a cam site-

My judgement was basically that it was another cam site, lots of ads, not a lot of cash, not very social. Some people chimed in that they were scammers, which was neither here nor there as the site was so new, it was bound to get hit by a few people trying to hustle the owners. Honestly, I’d give the owners the benefit of the doubt before I’d believe the random anons claiming they were scammed.

My biggest complaint about Chaturbate was that there wasn’t much traffic and too many ads.

So in the few months since then has much changed? Well, there are still a lot of ads. There are slightly annoying pop up ads from the bottom - you know those annoying chat/IM style messages? Those. There are also some banners. But there is always the option to surf the site ad free - for just $19.95 per month. Now this SORTA trickles down to performers, since you get 200 free tokens with the $19.95 signup. But according to my math tokens cost between 8 and 11 cents, which means that of the $19, $16 goes on to the performers eventually.

Which is damn good, anyone who has tokens is going to use them for sure. But you don’t get 200 tokens PER MONTH, just initially. So month 2, the whole lot goes to Chaturbate and their partners.

To take a closer look I have been surfing the site a lot and I’m still suspicious about the number of viewers they state for each room. For example I was in this room tonite:

And you can see she’s putting on quite a show, while the site says she has over 400 viewers in her room, she’s only pulled in $13 in tokens for a hardcore backdoor cucumber show. That said, regardless of the numbers she IS making money and god bless her for keeping it organic with veggies.

But, one great thing I have noticed is that on some occasions the folks in charge over there have been hiring real, live pornstars to put on shows which is much different from an adult social network or most current cam sites. While in some ways this sucks if you are NOT a star, they do attract a lot of new guys to the site in the form of fans, and more guys = more money = more tips = a very good thing. I think I’m going to give it a shot, see how it compares and report back.

So, keep up the great work Chaturbate!

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