Introducing the first ever Lounge chat room for Chaturbate.

Introducing the first ever Lounge chat room for Chaturbate.                                                             

.the lounge chat cam2cam

So your on chaturbate watching free adult webcams. But What do you do when you see a pussy that looks like a hamburger and you want to laugh about it with the other members, but you don’t want the model to see it and ban you or silence you? Now you can safely alert members in the chaturbate lounge.6
All you have to do is click connect on the left hand side of  the featured cam and your in. Normal chat is still on the right. No account is required to chat with other members here. A free  basic account is required from chaturbate to chat with the performer on the right. However It is totally free and not even an email address or any verification process is needed.
Why i created the chaturbate chat room for members like you 
I have been talking about a chaturbate lounge chat room since the beginning. Members were asking me about a Lounge style chat room for chaturbate where members can chat with other members and not the models. So i made a post in one of my blogs about features members would like to see and took a poll. Well the response was staggering and almost unanimous. 
Nearly 80% of live adult webcam members want to see a lounge style members chat room. Members want to be able to watch the free cams as a guest, or member. But chat with only members in another chat room. Similar to the Myfreecams lounge. Up until now MFC has been the only adult webcam site with a lounge video chat room. It has always been one of the biggest draws to MFC because it is the only cam site with a lounge. It usually has as many normal chatters in it as the top webcam at the time. So if the top live cam show on MFC has about 1000 people in it. Than the lounge chat-room probably has about that many as well. But there is one down side to the Myfreecams lounge. It is only for premium members. basic members and guests can’t enter. 
Now Guests, Basic members, or premium members can chat in a lounge style chaturbate chat room. Right here we are calling it “The chaturbate lounge”. Now members can chat with other members about the action that they are watching on the live cam. On one side is the embedded “IRC Chat-Room” and on the other side is the featured live sex cam show from chaturbate. Which almost always has a supreme public show going on where you can see anything from anal sex and blowjobs to squirting, masturbation and toy shows. Their are no restrictions on chaturbate’s cams such as :no men or no couples like MFC has. Chaturbate allows anyone to broadcast even you can broadcast yourself. There is no cost and there is not even a verification process unless you want to be paid for broadcasting. Then you would just need to fill out the broadcaster verification form and you can receive tokens as tips, as well as make private sex shows.
The chaturbate lounge was created to be a completely uncensored chat room. Anyone can join. And anything goes. Chat about the live cam show that is going on. Chat about your life. Tell us about your big cock if you want (We know it’s actually tiny). This is no holds barred adult chat. 

Where are the Top Adult Cams Chaturbate or Myfreecams


Chaturbate 6 Token Privates and New Color for Active Tipping Members that have Tokens Now.


6 token per minute Cheapest private sex shows on the internet!

imageAs we know from The downtime we have all seen lately that chaturbate has been working on many new features latelyMost member requested. Including the brand new option released today for broadcasters which allows you to set your price for private webcam shows as low as 6 tokens per minute. That is 60 cents per minute and is about the cheapest price you will find for hardcore adult webcam shows on any top webcam site!

What the option for cheap webcam shows and private cam to cams means for cam girls.

Basically it just gives the cam models and verified non exhibitionist models more options. Maybe they have a good member that has been very loyal to them and they want to reward that member with a cheap cam to cam or private show or better prices. In this case the webcam model can set the price of the private show down to 6 tokens per minute and set it back up higher for other members. Chaturbate has the widest variety of pricing options all the way from 6 tokens per minute to 90. So don’t worry girls this is only an option and by no means a requirement that you set your price for private shows so low.

What 6 token per minute private adult webcam sex shows means for chaturbate members. does it means cheaper shows!

Well yes and no. It may mean cheaper private sex shows or cam2cam, and certainly means it is possible to get cheaper sex shows. But there is no guarantee that any specific model will use the new 6 token per minute private shows. However i am working on a list of girls that accept 6 token per minute privates and have other affordable pricing options for a future blog post here on my free chaturbate blog. Continue to stay tuned for more sex cam updates and tips regarding cheap private shows and specifically the “6 token per minute” private shows that will now be available at chaturbate.

Chaturbate now has 3 colors for the 3 different types of members. Blue, Grey, and now Light blue.

Chaturbate We all know originally had 2 colors. Greys and blues. The greys are members without tokens. The blue members have tokens. This creates a sort of class war between the greys and the blues with most models and blue members looking down on the grey members commonly known as “the greys” Often different rules apply to grey members in chat or for instance if a grey member makes a request he may be banned from that chat room by the cam model because they know that member has no tokens to pay for the request.

Why did chaturbate introduce the light blue color for members.

Chaturbate released the new color light blue this week. Now all members who have tokens but have not tipped at least 50 tokens within the past 24 hours are light blue. Any members which have tokens and have tipped at least 50 tokens within the past 24 hours will be the normal shade of blue. This will allow models to see easily which members are active tippers and can treat them accordingly as they wish.

What does light blue mean for chaturbate members, models and affiliates. 

free chaturbate

Yes you read it right. FULL SCREEN VIDEO! and NO EMAIL VERIFICATION Needed!

Chaturbate Live member web cams! Real girls chaturbating in Free public chat while watching you masturbate at chaturbate.

Myfreecams may be the most popular cam girl video chat website but it is far from the oldest or most established Free cams sites. The 2 most well known original Free cams sites that come to mind are Livejasmin and Streamate. Although you could hardly call them free cams sites back then. In the old days of Adult video chat sites you only had a couple options for getting Cam shows. There was normal Private. The girls set their own price for pvt and it could range anywhere from about 1.50 per minute for Cheap dirty girls. The more popular girls could charge anywhere up to 5.$ per minute or more.. This was for a private that was basically a group because other people could join in the private at the same rate. no discount like the Voyeur modes that you see on free cams sites today. Then there was the 2nd type of private. Similar to myfreecams "true private" Streamate called it “exclusive” Other cam sites called it by different names but it was still the same thing. a very expensive true private where you were forced to go if you wanted any type of decent show. Then along came Myfreecams

The introduction of public webcam shows on a large scale. Where the main form of shows done by the girls are FREE and in public chat. Instead of 1 user paying a very high price Many members could get together and help pay for better, longer, public shows. This was great for the members but the people who get most benefit are the basic member accounts. who don’t tip for the shows. but still chat and make requests. With myfreecams being so insanely good compared to the others for free members. It spread like wildfire Forcing the other webcam sites to either add new features and offers to compete or get crushed as many of the original webcam sites were. And that brings us to now the age of chaturbate. as you can see from the picture above it took Myfreecams almost 4 years to catch livejasmin in search trends. But at the current rate of growth Chaturbate will catch myfreecams in less then half that. Now i will explain why Chaturbators are going crazy over the newest Free cams site 

chaturbatezChaturbate has a very similar design and feel to myfreecams. I think this was the best thing they could do. rather then try to make the site look and feel different then what people were used to. Chaturbate took the approach of looking and feeling the same. So guests are immediately comfortable. And soon create Free basic Member accounts Which like myfreecams offers the insanely successful  Free token for referring friends program.. Of course Chaturbate like MFC and others also  has private and group options like the rest. But like myfreecams you don’t see that very much. The reason is because public shows are so convenient for members and models. So far you probably think it sounds exactly the same as myfreecams. which let’s admit, would still be better then the other adult chat cam sex sites. But there are a couple of very important differences that set Chaturbate models apart from the crowd. 1st and in my opinion most importantly There is no camscore system. I won’t go into details about the camscore system but it is the most often criticized things about myfreecams.

What is Camscore and how does Cam score effect the Cam Girls. 

Camscore basically determines the order in which models are listed on the front page. or in lower camscore cases 2nd 3rd page etc.. Since camscore is a complicated formula of Money earned divided by hours online. (with many more smaller factors) It causes models to get extremely impatient if they don’t receive tips fast enough. And rightfully so they are worried that if they spend to long on cam. Their camscore will drop thus pushing their link even further down the pages. This also sometimes limits the length and quality of the public shows because models will want to get done as quick as they can so they can either get offline and stop camscore from decreasing. or start another show countdown.

On chaturbate. The system in my opinion is much a much better and cleaner formula. On chaturbate each model can have followers. :Like adding a model to your friends list but It pushes the order in which they are listed up. it also takes into account other things tokens earned. total # of people in the room on average etc. But nowhere in the formula does it penalize the models for staying online and doing what they are there to do. Work and provide shows for members. on chaturbate instead of a model wanting to finish a show quickly and leave to preserve camscore. they may want to do an even longer better show to get more members in their room and more followers. Which creators a bigger fan base. And pushes you higher up the list.
One other very important difference that sets Chaturbate far ahead of even the current best free cams site is They are very picky with who is allowed to broadcast when it comes to studios and low quality cams. So not only are the models on the site better. The lack of studios means there are MANY fewer models on the site. This in a way, is great for the members and models.

Chaturbate has fewer cam girls, and more members per chat room.

This creates a supply and demand situation for example less supply of adult webcam services. and more members. Increasing the demand for adult cam models. As always with low supply high demand The supplier makes the price.

Because a free cam site with less models and more members changes the dynamics of the site. It’s simple supply and demand effecting the competition between models fighting each other to keep their members or get new paying members. and members competition with each other for instance 2 members like the same model and want the most attention or to be the favorite member of that model. This might escalate into a pissing contest between the members to see which one cam tip the most. This can be very flattering for the cam girl as well as quite profitable.

At a cam site like Chaturbate which has a much smaller models to members ratio compared to other similar webcam sites like Myfreecams and Streamate. Each models room will have more members in it. which makes it easier for the models to get tips. and also easier for members and less expensive because more people are helping with countdowns. In fact i have seen countdowns drop so fast that some models will make public show after show. of course for some of those rooms 1000 people are watching free at all times.

With all the free members how do you make money on cam?

Regardless of how many non paying members without tokens are in your chat room. there will always be more than enough paying members that do buy tokens and tip regularly to get the public shows going fast so the Free members don’t have to wait very long which prevents many members from getting a really awkward or uncomfortable feeling because they can’t or don’t tip.

the worst thing most cam girls do in this situation is start screaming at people that she needs to go offline before her camscore drops. this will give your non tipping members an uncomfortable feeling making them sometimes leave the chat room. And it also turns off paying customers just due to the fact that many members want to feel as though they are doing a favor or giving a gift to these models and try to hide the fact that most models are their only for the money. 

There are some other features such as fan clubs hourly room bonuses, Private video collection, User create chat and tip applications and so much more. At this point i think i have given more than enough advice and secrets for one blog post. You should now have all the information you need to make a fair judgement for yourself about weather Chaturbate really is the best completely FREE and totally LIVE “Top Cam Site you can find on the web. 

View the cams yourself. See I don’t lie. Watch or chat FREE!

Now I’ll let you head on over to the New and Improved Chaturbate adult web cam site so you can watch some of the free cams and fap to your dicks content while viewing some private (or public) hard core interactive shows. (Real live couples fucking or girls masturbating alone. Most broadcasters will even watch you fap on your own webcam if you share your cam.

It’s easy to See for yourself why many people are calling Chaturbate the “New Myfreecams”.

First You or your profile may be temporarily banned by chaturbate. But that’s ok if you have been banned there is an easy fix explained  here on my blog.

If you host a cam show with them on another verified stream. But without being verified to that particular stream. So for instance as we all saw recently, Even though jaidyn and blazefyre are both top webcam models on chaturbate and both are totally verified. blazefyre still got banned for doing a show with jaidyn because jaidyn was not verified to blazefyre’s stream. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this live girl/girl sex show. Twitter erupted with criticism directed at chaturbate for banning such a popular model for seemingly no reason. because of this chaturbate responded quickly unbanning and verifying jaidyn to blazefyres account.  

Webcam models often tweet private chat or set up cam-to-cam shows with their favorite chaturbate web-cam members.

A short time later another model was seen asking how to make an anonymous ban request against blazefyre. The reason is still unclear. But again blazefyre was banned for a second time. this time she was banned for over 5 hours before the account was restored. The reasoning claimed by chaturbate was that their was a link to myfreecams on the blazefyre blog which is linked on her chaturbate profile. Apparently any account with a profile that links to any site that then links to myfreecams or any other competing adult webcam site or cam to cam site gets banned.

Can’t c-2-c. And can’t see Cams on Chaturbate.

Chaturbate bans are unique and unusual because of the fact that you can still watch webcams and browse the site and see your own profile etc. you can even still join rooms and chat but you can’t cam to cam because nobody can view your live web-cam. 

People can’t see my chat or cam, but i see theirs

One thing to note about a chaturbate ban or suspension is that other members can NOT see your chat. or any text from you at all. Also you can start your cam broadcasting but other chaturbate members will get a message when trying to view it which says broadcaster has been suspended. or something to this effect.

What to do if your banned from chaturbate. Or can’t see cams.

Remain calm. If you know the reason you were banned take steps to rectify the matter ie. remove all links to myfreecams from your blog or remove the blog from your profile. For multiple accounts delete all but one account. Then send a polite email request to chaturbate support requesting the ban be lifted. Then be patient. Remember the automatic chaturbate banning tool bans a lot of members so they have a lot of appeal requests to get to. Be patient and you will be making hot cam to cam sex again faster quicker and better.

Chaturbate is down and offline? or was I banned I can’t chat and I can’t view cams

If you get this error:  ”This webpage is not available”  or no page will load then yes chaturbate is down. If you see “this room has been banned”  then the person you are trying to view is banned. If you see a message that mentions the words unauthorized or “not authorized” then your IP or ID may be banned from viewing cams or chatting.

Recently i have been getting a lot of search hits on this blog when chaturbate is down. And i have noticed that chaturbate downtime has become more frequent compared to similar sites like mfc and cam4. You may be watching this now because chaturbate is down. Don’t worry because it will probably be back up soon. The average downtime chaturbate experiences each tim eis very minimal. Usually being restored within minutes to an hour at most. Why has chaturbate downtime increased so much lately. And why has it increased compared to other ree adult cam sites or porn sites in general. Well because of 2 reasons mainly. 
The staggering growth of chaturbate sometimes puts a load on the servers which it can’t handle. Chaturbate has been working to increase the server capacity and bandwidth each day but it is hard to keep up with the overwhelming growth and are forced occasionally to take the servers offline for downtime.
The second reason is because of the many new features that chaturbate is releasing each day. Each time a new feature is released some downtime is needed for it to go live. So there is a good possibility if chaturbate is down. They are adding a new webcam feature right now. Some of the new features released recently. And unique to chaturbate not seen yet on other webcam sites are User created apps. These allow models to control their chat room goal for instance. One user created app automatically silences all members that join but unsilences members that tip. Or another user created chaturbate application sends a message to any user that tips a certain amount with a password to a live cam sex password show. then after a certain amount of members receive passwords it will lock the channel with a password so the live password show can start.

What does all the downtime mean for Chaturbate as one of the top 5 web cam sites.

Overall the Chaturbate downtime is a good thing. Weather upgrading servers to allow more broadcasters and more live web cam streams. Or adding new user created applications to make this the fastest growing web cam site in the world. Chaturbate downtime means the site is continuing to grow and evolve. Chaturbate has established its name as the Best Totally Live REAL member Free Cam SiteIt really is The one and the only TRUE 100% anonymous Free Cam Site.

What’s in store for the future of chaturbatez and the other live cam  site promotions and All of My Similar Free Cam Site blogs.

chaturbateThe hottest, horniest nastiest dirty
little girls that you will ever see..
Upcoming blog post: I have received quite a few requests to make a top free webcam site list. So work has already begun on putting together the best “top 5”or "top 10" live adult webcam, cam sex, and free cam to cam sites.

It will contain a complete top cam site list. with a ranking by multiple criteria like “best public sex show”, “nicest members”, “best top models”, “Free cams”, “best private shows”, “group shows”, “couples cams”, easiest top cam sites for cam to cam, as well as which girls will watch your cam free. some suggested top live video chat sites are: MFC, flirt4free, Chaturbate, Streamate, Livejasmin, cam4, Camfuze, Imlive, Peekshows,, Myfreecams, F4F, shock cams, cam to cam, Xhamster live cams, Freecamloader cams. These are just some of the large cam site list we are choosing from.
As always don’t forget their is a free live sex show streaming at the top of this blog 24 hours a day. This stream is the featured cam on Typically the featured Chaturbate cam has a totally free fully interactive live sex show. Where either 1 girl will strip and masturbate on cam either for free or after receiving some tips from members. 

Featured Chaturbate live webcam model, or cam couple.

In many cases especially on Chaturbate the featured cam will have an actual sex show girl/girl, and boy/girl hardcore public fuck shows free.  You will totally see cock inside pussy on Chaturbate in public chat rooms. At the time of this blog posting the current featured cam is a fuck machine show, to give you an idea of the free shows you will see.

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Well for members. If you are a member that constantly has tokens and never tips, models will notice you aren’t tipping by your light blue color. If you normally do tip when you get tokens then it probably won’t effect you because you will be dark blue while you have tokens as long as you are tipping at least 50 per 24 hours. The nice thing about this for models and affiliates is that members who want to seem important or want models to think they are high rollers will no longer be able to do that by holding onto only 1 token to remain blue. after 24 hours they will become light blue. Thus forcing these members to purchase tokens IF they want to keep their status with certain models. 

But can i still watch the chaturbate live webcam shows and adult video chat streams for free, without any tokens?

Of course as we all know well. No tokens are required to watch any free cam show on chaturbate and if you want to remain grey and have the stigma attatched to it and be considered a free cam loader then this won’t effect you either and you can continue leeching as many free cams as you want! Remember chaturbate supports the free cam idea and the free webcam movement so You will always be able to watch the cams for free!. That is one thing that chaturbate will never change. Also please Look for my next post on myfreecams tokens blog

Myfreecams vs Chaturbate free cams “NEW free cams” The best top live adult video chat!

chaturbate live camsChaturbate REAL LIVE cam to cam sex
Free Chaturbate free cams are Very new Free cams site. Similar to Myfreecams (The Current most popular adult webcam Site.) But why are people calling Chaturbate the “New Myfreecams.”


chaturbate is now being called the new myfreecams go directly chaturbate here.  


Streamate has less free shows but the registration for a full premium account is free with age verification. Live Jasmin has less free shows yet still requires payment for a full member account. Chaturbate is new started to explode onto the scene 1 year ago. It is the 1 site that does rival that one site in fact some people are calling chaturbate Free cams click to see why. 


The amount of cam models online maters for live cam to cam.


There is an average of  700-100 models online, and an estimated 100,000 visitors. of the visitors l members, the rest are guests. guests can view any room except the lounge. However models do have access to a button which mutes all guests and they tend to be muted more often than not. Guests at MYfreecams normally do not get access to some new features premium members or supporters get such as Private message, cam 2 cam, MFC mail, and your own myfreecam profile.


Chaturbate Members as most of you probably know Myfreecams basically revolutionized the entire Adult webcam video chat industry, and divided webcam Video chat Websites as we know them into 2 Era’s Pre-MFC, and post MFC. Chaturbating members know that recently all that has changed when Chaturbate exploded onto the scene out of nowhere. To understand fully.


Welcome Chaturbaters and Free cam site addicts. Or maybe you don’t know about web cams yet.  Let’s start at the beginning for those of you that don’t remember how the old adult webcam sites used to be. But first take a look at this google trends screencap. Which clearly shows the explosion of growth from Chaturbate. If you want to skip straight to why Chaturbate is the new MFC skip the next paragraph. If you don’t give a fuck and just want the free hardcore public cam shows just go straight to Chaturbate It is COMPLETELY FREE to register a regular user account just like My free cams.

Join chaturbate free now!

chaturbatez chat your b ate

MyFreecams Free cams Best Private shows Tumblr: Free Cams


Free cams Biggest Tips, Chaturbate vs MFC Best free

Free cams the Leading Adult Cam video chat show websites Join Free Best Chaturbate Cams HERE

Biggest tip ever on Myfreecams would have cost the tipper over 35,000 dollars worth MONEY


Free Chaturbate


Chaturbate ‘Adult Social Network’ Update
I posted about Chaturbate a while back wondering how well it worked and if it really was an adult social network or just a cam site-

My judgement was basically that it was another cam site, lots of ads, not a lot of cash, not very social. Some people chimed in that they were scammers, which was neither here nor there as the site was so new, it was bound to get hit by a few people trying to hustle the owners. Honestly, I’d give the owners the benefit of the doubt before I’d believe the random anons claiming they were scammed.

My biggest complaint about Chaturbate was that there wasn’t much traffic and too many ads.

So in the few months since then has much changed? Well, there are still a lot of ads. There are slightly annoying pop up ads from the bottom - you know those annoying chat/IM style messages? Those. There are also some banners. But there is always the option to surf the site ad free - for just $19.95 per month. Now this SORTA trickles down to performers, since you get 200 free tokens with the $19.95 signup. But according to my math tokens cost between 8 and 11 cents, which means that of the $19, $16 goes on to the performers eventually.

Which is damn good, anyone who has tokens is going to use them for sure. But you don’t get 200 tokens PER MONTH, just initially. So month 2, the whole lot goes to Chaturbate and their partners.

To take a closer look I have been surfing the site a lot and I’m still suspicious about the number of viewers they state for each room. For example I was in this room tonite:

And you can see she’s putting on quite a show, while the site says she has over 400 viewers in her room, she’s only pulled in $13 in tokens for a hardcore backdoor cucumber show. That said, regardless of the numbers she IS making money and god bless her for keeping it organic with veggies.

But, one great thing I have noticed is that on some occasions the folks in charge over there have been hiring real, live pornstars to put on shows which is much different from an adult social network or most current cam sites. While in some ways this sucks if you are NOT a star, they do attract a lot of new guys to the site in the form of fans, and more guys = more money = more tips = a very good thing. I think I’m going to give it a shot, see how it compares and report back.

So, keep up the great work Chaturbate!

free chaturbate

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Chaturbate is being called the “new” MyFreeCams and you can get all the 

Chaturbate Free live public sex cam shows, female, couple, male, shemale etc. all for free embedded at Free cams loader provided by and with the support of home of the best adult video chat live hardcore cam sex shows. Myfreecams vs Chaturbate who will be the “king of freecams

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